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Pieter van der Walt

I am doing a mailmerge using data from an Excel 2003 spreadsheet into a
letter template in Word 2003. How can I ensure that the date format used
within Excel is also carried over into the Word document during the merge.

In other words the cell value in Excel displays as "11/5/1980" and is
formatted using the cell formating as "11 May 1980". When doing the merge
over into Word only "11/5/1980" is transfered. How can I ensure that "11 May
1980" is transferred or displayed in Word?



Hi Pieter,

You can control the date format via a picture switch. To do this:
.. select the mergefield and press Shift-F9. You should see something like {MERGEFIELD ExcelDate}
.. change this to {MERGEFIELD ExcelDate \@ "d MMM yyyy"} (if you want September to display as 'Sep') or {MERGEFIELD ExcelDate \@ "d
MMMM yyyy"} (if you want September to display as 'September')
.. press F9 to update the field
.. run your mailmerge

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