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I have a mail merge setup between Excel and Word, where I am having problems
with number formats. For example, the number formats I have in Excel are
seperated by commas (124,289.98) however; when merged into my table in Word,
this format does not carry over correctly. It will convert as
124289.99999999. The commas will not come througth with the merge. Is their
a way to copy number formats to ensure it's the same as the Excel document?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

The detail is in the article. Perhaps it's the excess of detail that you
find confusing?

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA


Hi Amber,

In Word, ato dd a numeric picture switch to the mergefield:
.. select the field;
.. press Shift-F9 to reveal the field coding. It should look something like {MERGEFIELD MyData};
.. edit the field so that you get {MERGEFIELD MyData \# $,0.00} (or whatever other numeric format you prefer - see below);
.. position the cursor anywhere in this field and press F9 to update it;
.. run your mailmerge.

Note: The '\# 0' in the field is referred to as a numeric picture switch. Other possibilities include:
.. \# 0 for rounded whole numbers
.. \# ,0 for rounded whole numbers with a thousands separator
.. \# ,0.00 for numbers accurate to two decimal places, with a thousands separator
.. \# $,0 for rounded whole dollars with a thousands separator
.. \# $,0.00;($,0.00);'-' for currency, with brackets around negative numbers and a hyphen for 0 values

The precision of the displayed value is controilled by the '0.00'. You can use anything from '0' to '0.000000000000000'.

If you use a final ';' in the formatting switch with nothing following, (eg \# $,0.00;($,0.00);) zero values will be suppressed.
Note that this suppresses 0s resulting from empty fields and from fields containing 0s.

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