LPTx not available to Add Printer Wizard



Win2k SP4 (The machine has not been used for some time. I think the last
thing that was done was uninstall an Epson Printer and the Epson Printer

It has 3 printers installed and I want to install another printer
(HPLaserJet 6P).
So Start->Settings->Printers->HPLaserjet6P, click
properties and, under ports, I get nothing listed
No ports of any sort.

I try Add Port, Local Port, New Port and it asks for LocalMon.dll which I
eventually find in c:\winnt\system32 and in .\dllcache.

I then get the message "the monitor local port could not be installed"
followed by "Unable to install the specified printer port. THe print driver
you selected is not compatible or not available etc".

So I try to install a new printer
Add Printer, Local Printer, "Use the following Port" table is blank and
there seems no option to add a port. Continuing, I get all the drier
selection stuff OK (HP, Laserjet4, Default, Test Page) and when it completes
the wizard the summary shows the port as blank., Finish copies all sorts of
files and then says "Unable to Install Printer, The specified port is

My computer, properties, device manager shows port LPT1 as present and
working properly. So why does the add printer wizard not recognise it (or
LPT2 or LPT3 for that matter)?

I tried changing the port to LPT3 (in device manager). That had some effect.
The new hardware wizard recognised the printer but the installarion process
failed with "The printer name is invalid".

I have also tried deleting the LPT1 port in the device manager and
rebooting. LPT1 comes back but it is still not available to the Add Printer

If I try finding a network printer and priuting to that it all works fine.

Any suggestions as to how I can print to my local printer again!



I have had the same problem for awhile. I can't fix it. I seriously need
help fixing this.


Always nice to know one is not alone - even if it does not help!!
Have posted question elsewhere and will let you know if I hear


No help from elsewhere so I tried to repair windows from the install CD.

Actually the install CD asked me if I wanted to upgrade my version of
windows (keeping all settings)
So I did that and I now have my LPT1 back.

Everything else stayed the same except that I lost OE6 (it went back to
OE5) - a minor inconvenience

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