lpd to W2kServer to Win98


Scot Harkins

Okay, here's the scenario. Telecommuter running Win98 establishes a
VPN to a Sonic Firewall at the corp office. The tunnel is wide open,
so corp users can access shared files and the printer via Windows

The user, however, need also to print from an older Unix server, and
lpd seems like the best (read, most available and cheapest) solution.

There is a Win2K server at corp at IP We add the user's
printer as a normal Windows printer while the VPN is up, and test
prints work fine via Windows. The "port" entry for the printer on the
2K server is \\sue\suehp.

Then we share the printer from the 2K server. Other Windows users can
now print to the spool on the 2K server and paper spits out from the
Win98 workstation's printer.

The 2K server had Print Services for Unix installed and running. We
can test telnet to port 515 on the 2K server and it connects.

We add the printer on the Unix system, communicating via lpd to the
remote printer "suehp", and we see two things.

-- The Unix system cannot check the status of the printer on the 2K
server; the command rlpstat is used for that purpose.

-- The 2K server logs an event id 4008 saying the printer is unknown.
The problem is the printer cited in the event is \\\suehp
and not, as it should, \\sue\suehp.

I found a similar posting, but where the 2K server was pointing at an
lpd printer itself. The subject was "LPD event ID 4008" from Feb
2003. The solution in that case was the port on the 2K server had the
server's IP and not the printer's IP. In my case, however, the 2K
server is talking to a Windows-shared printer. The event looks the
same, but the setup is different.

Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?

Scot Harkins
Greenbank, WA



Tony Edgecombe

Have you added the printer as a local printer on the server or as a network
attached printer? It should be local, you can then use either the printer
name or the printer's share name to access it.

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