LPD/LPR printing problem


Michel Lapointe


I've a LPD print server on my 2003 server which was working fine until
today. Since last reboot, the LPD daemon see the printer only if using the
server name, not the IP address

So If i test it using

lpr -S SERVERNAME -P PrinterName test.txt

it will work

If i use: lpr -S -P PrinterName test.txt

it will fail with Error: print server did not accept request. Job

Or will get a 4008 in the event viewer stating

Printer \\\PrinterName specified in the request from does not exist: request ignored.

Does anyone have an idea why the LPD daemon suddently stop to accept IP



Bruce Sanderson

Well, my first thought is that the IP address of the server has changed. If
the server is configured to use DHCP, it might have gotten a different IP
address when it was restarted.

Check the IP address of the server.

Windows 2003 will dynamicallyl register its IP address with the DNS server
(assuming it supports dynamic DNS requests), so when you use the server
name, the current IP address will be obtained from the DNS server.

Most DHCP servers have a way of "reserving" an IP address for a particular
computer (based on the network adapter's MAC address), which is one way of
avoiding this problem.

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