Windows LPD limitation?




I must use Windows as an Unix print server and therefore installed the
UNIX print services, which provide an LPD interface to the spooler.

When using the lpr command available from Windows, i am able to send 11
print jobs one after another. The next print job i want to submit takes 2
minutes 10 seconds.

I already goggled for solutions but only found a knowledge base entry for
NT4 and NT3.5.1 explaining, that the LPR/LPD command only uses 11 TCP
ports which (according to some specification) may not be reused for 4

I faced the problem on Windows XP pro, and Windows Server 2003 std. I
assume, that all current versions are affected.

I need to submit as many small print jobs as fast as possible.

Does anyone know a solution or workarounds regarding this LPD limitation
in windows? Are there any registry keys which may be used to configure
timeouts and port ranges???

Thanks in advance

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Why not just copy the files to the Windows machine sharing the printer?

copy filename \\remote\printshare
use the /b switch if you need it.

Yes you can change to service so it does not follow RFC 1179 compliance

You can decrease the TCP timeout value if you need to maintain RFC 1179
compliance but

for LPD, the only way to configure the service is through the registry

to change the IP ports use for the lpr ports well as other settings

You can also setup a shared print queue which uses a Standard TCP/IP Port in
LPR mode and byte count enabled that targets the LPD service on the Windows
machine, then just copy the print jobs to the local shared printer.
Standard TCP/IP Port is NOT RFC 1179 compliant.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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