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Question: How do I change the LPR timeout value on a
Windows 2000 Server?

Background: A server running Windows NT4 Server was used
as a printserver to send LPR printouts to LPD compatible
printers. This server was replaced with a new server
running Windows 2000 Server to do the same thing. But, the
LPR timeout for Windows NT4 Server seems to be much larger
than the LPR timeout for Windows 2000 Server? This causes
the new server to resend LPR jobs even though the job
already has been received by the printer, so the resent
jobs result in extra printouts.

Yes, I know, the problem is actually on the printer side
since it takes too long time to acknowledge some LPR jobs
according to RFC 1179. The reason for this is that the
printers acknowledge a job when the complete job has
finished printing, so for large batches of print jobs the
timeout just isn't enough with the current solution. A
bigger LPR timeout value would fix this problem for now
until a new solution can be implemented.


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