Printing from TRU64 Unix to Windows 2000 Printer Queue


Michael D. Ober

I need to configure my Windows 2000 AD Server to accept print jobs from a
Tru64 Unix system. I have installed Services for Unix and set the port to
be an LPR port in the printer properties. Based on the documentation I
found, this should be sufficient to respond to
lpr -P<myserver> -S<printershare>. However, nothing ever appears in the
printer queue for this printer. The printer itself is configured as a
"local" TCPIP port and printing from Windows to this printer queue to the
printer works fine.

Mike Ober.

Bruce Sanderson

For a Windows computer to receive a print data stream from a UNIX computer,
add the Windows Component called Print Services for Unix (Control Panel, Add
or Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components, Other Network File and
Print Services). This installs the LPD "daemon" so that the Windows
computer will "listen" on the lpd port (515). The Windows computer will
then receive and process print streams sent to it using the lpr/lpd

On the UNIX computer, specify the Windows printer's "Printer Name" as the
"queue name", NOT the printer's "Share Name". Any "printer" defined on the
Windows computer can be specified, whether it is "shared" or not and
regardless of what kind of "port" the printer is connected to.

You can use the Windows lpr command to test this.

What Port the printer is on on the Windows computer is not relevant. That
tells the Windows spooling system where to send the print data stream so it
goes to the correct print device. It has nothing whatsoever to do with
"receiving" the print data stream from another (e.g. UNIX) computer via

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