Unix Print Services for Windows: install LPR "shares" for non local




For Windows XP SP3, Unix Print Services for Windows installed and
running, I figured so far:

Step 1: (OK)
lpr "share" a local attached printer:

When I install a printer connected to LPTn at PC1, then it's
immediately available as lpr queue printer, and the queue name is
exactly the name of the printer as displayed in "Printers" applet. No
Windows Printer Sharing is requiered for that.

From a differen WinXP with unix print services installed (PC2), I can
use this lpr queue without problems, by createing a local lpr port,
IP=<fist-pc's-IP>, name=<first-pc's-local-printer-name>

Step 2: (howto?)

From PC2: Now I'd like to lpr "share" the "used" printer, "connected"
to the local lpr port once more, so that it's available to other PCs,
that can reach PC2, but *NOT* PC1.

I found some articles around telling, that I would need to share that
(lpr port printer on PC2), and that the lpr queue will take over the
name of the Win Printer Share. But this is *NOT* fact!


1.) Is it generally possible to "lpr share" non local printers as lpr
queue? howto?

2.) Is there a tool to list the lpr queue's names of a given WinXP SP3
PC with UNIX Print Services installed?

3.) where is the lpr queue name stored (propably in the registry)? Or
is it concatenated from other information?

Any suggestions, or pointing me to further documentation I have missed
so far, will be mostly appreciated.

Regards, Rudi.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

I'm not sure what you mean by "lpr share". You can share a printer and the
LPD service will enumerate both the printer share name as well as the
printer name.
The LPD service will enumerate any local printer. The printer can be
connected to lpt or USB or to a TCP/IP address.

The answer to question 1 is Yes when the LPD service is running.

The answer to question 2 is No if you do not share the printers. If you
actually share the printers, then you can use net view \\machinename to list
the shared printers and directories but nothing provided by the LPD service.

The answer to question 3 is in a number of places but for LPD it is within
the spooler process and thus the registry under printer name


name]\Share Name

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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