newbie: printing form w2k3 to a foreign domain printserver


tim moor

dear printing gurus,

i have have a couple of windows 2000 / 2003 domains in our environment.
these domains are complete independent (no tree, forest, no trustship). from
one of our w2k3 server i should be able to print to shared printers which
are defined on print-servers in these foreign domains.
how can i reach these print-queues from our print server ? one way migth be.

-> add printer
-> network printer
-> \\foreign_printer_server\hplj_shared_printer

in this scenario i'am always asked to logon to the foreign domain ?? are
there better options. lpd-printing ?

thanx alot

Bruce Sanderson

You might try using a lpr/lpd - there is no security in this protocol and it
does not use "Windows networking".

With Windows networking, the user has to get authenticated on whatever
computer owns the resource to be able to use that resource (a shared printer
is such a resource). The only exception to this is if the Guest account is
enabled on the target computer, which of course seriously weakens the
security of that computer.

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