lpc unix command


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Is there an equivalent command for the above in Windows 2000 or similar

In fact I am looking for ways to control print queues, to disable/enable
print queues. What I understand is that u can attach several print queues to
a print device which is attached to a server. What I want to do is to make
each print queue to print only certain type of paper size.

Let say I have print queue_A4 and print queue_A3. So as an administrator I
can check to see if print queue_A4 has any jobs. If there are then I switch
the paper size to A4 and enable the print queue_A4 while I disable the print
queue_A3, otherwise print jobs from print queue_A3 will be printer on the A4
size paper. Is there any utility or program in Windows 2000 that can let me
do that.


Bruce Sanderson

The GUI tool for doing this is the Printers folder - click Start, Settings,
right click on Printers, select Explore. This will show how many documents
are queued for each printer (queue) and the status (e.g. Ready, Paused,

To prevent a printer (queue) from printing, right click on the printer in
the list and select "Pause Printing". If the printer is already paused,
right click on the printer and select "Resume Printing" if you want queued
documents to print.

If you want to do these kinds of operations using commands or scripts, see
helps. There are also a set of scripts in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit
(e.g. prnctrl.vbs, prnmgr.vbs) for administering printers. See also, the
newsgroup microsoft.public.windows.server.scripting.

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