Disable print queues



We have a line printer hook up to our W2K server. We use
the line printer for heavy printing for different paper

What I understand is that, you can have a few print
queues to a print device. However, can I use each queue
to represent 1 type of paper. So if the user's printout
uses A4 then they print to A4_queue. At any time only 1
print queue is active while is the rest is disabled until
there are print jobs in the print queue.

Can W2K handles such a situation?

Bruce Sanderson

Yes, but there is no automation support that I'm aware of that will
automatically pause all of the queues except the one for whatever paper
happens to be mounted on the print device.

So, you can create multiple print queues on the same print device (e.g.
multiple "printers" associated with a single "port"), with each queue
intended for a single paper media (size, quality, whatever). Then, you can
pause all of the queues. When a particular paper media is loaded into the
print device, you can unpause (resume) that print queue and whatever is in
the queue will print.

Meanwhile, users can send print to the other queues, where the "jobs" will
remain until someone (an operator), unpauses that particular queue
(presumably after changing the paper mounted in the print device).

One pauses and resumes a queue by right clicking on the "printer" (queue) in
Printers and Faxes and selecting either Pause Printing or Resume Printing.

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