lost my dvd and cd rom drives



Some how i have lost my dvd and cd rom drives..I have
uninstalled and reinstalled with no avail..I get a
message that reads: Windows cannot start this hardware
device because its configuration information (in the
registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)How do i get
this fixed..I need my cd rom drives...Please help!!!


here is a suggestion, however, i'm not so sure about what
happened, but i am thinking about it to see if i can think
of something else that may have happened. anyway here;s
the suggestion: try getting the installation CD that came
with the drive(s) and install like if it was brand new.

do you remember what happened right before the error
messages started to display?

i'm going to ask my freind about your problem. ok?
hope i helped a little

G. Parmelee

Try going into Device Manager (Start > Control Panel > Hardware > Device
Manager) and opening the DVD/CD-ROM hive. Highlight each of the drives that
is giving you this error and then goto Action > Uninstall. Do this for each
drive and then restart. I had similar problem with my dvd-rw and this solved


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