lost Internet on PC but wireless still on



I have desktop computer with WIN XP Home conected wirelessly to Siemens 555
wireless router for ADSL connection.
As protection I had WEP/WAP (or similar) pasword protection and MAC filter
turned on.
Everything was fine. Both computers connect wirelessly to Internet separatly
and at the same time if needed.

Then I recently baught a laptop (T61 with WIN XP Professional) and try to
connect it wirelessly to Siemens 555 for Internet.
Could not do it until turned off WEP/WAP protection so now there is only MAC
filter turned on as protection.

The problem is that few days ago I completly lost Internet on desktop PC.
Firefox, IE, Outlook express and other programs ... nothing can access

The laptop T61 works normaly (internet connection) but desktop PC can not
However it conects to Siemens router easily and it show Connected and green
D (for D-link wireless).
I can also connect to Siemens router from desktop and work on its settings.

As there is a workin connection through laptop I can not blame Internet
company or Siemens router.

The problem is that I am not Matser of networking or simmilar and do not
know where to start and what to check.
I also do not know exact time when this happen as I acces Internet upon need
and I can only remember that there was some regular win updates.
I also had tried to connect desktop PC and laptop T61 wirelessly but could
not succed.

Now I am in danger to start changing some settings I don't even know what
are used for and this can make everything even worse.
Tried to make System restore but could not do it (it was not possible
message say).

Any idea what to check hot to approach and what to look for?

Thank you in advance for any idea.


Sorry I can`t help but you could try posting in this group
"microsort.public.windowsxp.network_web" It`s more specific to your problem.

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