Wireless File Sharing Between Laptop & Desktop



I have a two desktops both with XP SP3, and both set up for file
sharing between them over a wireless router, but using CAT5. Has
worked fine. Now I have a laptop and want it to file share with the
two desktops, but wirelessly. When I try to activate file sharing on
the laptop, I find it only presents the CAT5 Ethernet hub as a
connector, not the wireless connection. I am not using that hub. I
presume that if I were to connect a CAT5 cable to it 'tween the laptop
and the router, that I could create file sharing on the laptop to link
with the two desktops. I was surprised that I could not do that over
the wireless path.

Or can I? Am I missing something?


Big Fred


Good for you! Want to post your solution in case someone else has the same


The problem was the Firewall on the laptop which was ON. Turned it
off and all was okay, and the files are duly shared.

Big Fred

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