Logon screen: An on screen keyboard to type in my password



I work on an office where the computers are shared by many employees. So
there are, for each computers, many users, so each
one have his/her own set of login/password information.

I can't type in using the keyboard due to Muscular Dystrophy, so
whenever I have to use a computer, I have to ask a friend to type
in my username/password :(. Its really bad, and even worse when there's
anybody close to help me :(

So, I would like to know if there's a way to set up an on screen keyboard on
the logon screen, so I can use a mouse to type in my logon/password

Thanking in advance,


:) Ok thank you for your reply! I already know the windows on
screen keyboard.

But I'm sad Microsoft still doesn't realise that there are people
out there that cannot type his/her own username/password due
to a physical condition :(

It must be so simple to implement an on screen keyboard intended to help
people who cannot type, to log in windows environment !!

Thank you anyway :)

Not Me

As an alternative to typing in a password to log in; you might take a
look at the fairly new devices which would recognize your fingerprint to
login. Microsoft makes one and other companies also produce them. Visit
the Microsoft site and check out the mouse page for a picture and some
information. Retailers such as Office Depot and Staples sell them for
about $49. You might also look on Newegg's site to buy one.
Gene K

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