logon problem


gursaran abott

i recently changed the password of that administrator account
I am trying to logon to my computer but as soon as turn it on i see the
windows logo then a single glimpse of username,password dialog box and then
the next screen i see is saying windows is starting up and it stays like it
but if login thru safe mode and go to "change ways users logon and off" in
user accounts of control panel and disable "use welcome screen" then when i
start windows normally i recieve error message and asks me to enter the
correct username and password and doing so i can login into my system
My problem is when i enable "use welcome screen" it gets stuck as explained
Is this happenning coz automatic logon is enabled on my computer
if yes do i disable it using the control userpasswords2 in the run command
and checking the option "users must enter username and passwords"

All i want is to use the welcome screen so that i click my username
picture and i dont have to type my usernme again and again
How is this possible??
i know my questions are too simple but please help

gursaran abott


thanks for the response i guess you didnt understand the problem i have
i want to know how i can fix this problem in which i can use the welcome
as explained earlier


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