Windows XP Media Centre Edition - Users Disappeared!

Mar 14, 2013
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The Logon screen user interface has disappeared, there were three users and now when the machine is restarted, a dialogue box comes up asking for the password of one of the accounts. Incidentally, that account (let's call it Account1) was the only one with a password, the others were without. The other user accounts can no longer be accessed.

I restarted and went into the computer via safe mode and all the accounts came up. Have backed up all my documents/pictures.

Tried restarting computer again, but the logon screen didn't come up and it once again asked for the password for Account 1. I'm currently using the computer as Account 1, but everytime I try and access 'My Computer' or click 'My Documents' via the start menu, it freezes the computer.

Please help! How can I get the logon screen back?! I can only access the documents saved in the other user accounts if I go in through safe mode.

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