Adding users has lost my documents.



I have been quite happily using my computer with xp pro now for several
months. There were no separate user accounts just one main account which I
assume was administrator. Now the rest of the family want their own accounts
and I created 3 other user accounts. Now all I have are the 3 new accounts.
All of my documents e-mail accounts etc have completely disappeared.

Doing a system restore brings me back to one user account and all of my
details are there. Create another user account and they all disappear again.

What am I doing wrong?


Perhaps you have been using the built in administrator account as your
login. This is no what it is intended for and when you add other users the
administrator account gets hidden.
You need to create an account for yourself which has administrator
privileges but before you do that you can copy or move the contents of the
"my documents" folder to a temp folder so you can move them into your new

If you look under the documents and settings folder you will see your
administrator account (& my documents) this is where the new profile folders
will be when you create the new accounts.
The emails may be a little more tricky depending on what you use for your
email client. But you should be able to export your messages and addresses.

best of luck and remember don't use the administrator account for anything
other than emergency access.


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