logo doesn't appear in signature in outlook 2003



I am trying to create a signature with a logo in outlook 2003. I go to
tools/options/mail format/signatures and create a new signature with advanced
edit. It brings me to a MS word file where I create and save the signature
(the logo appears in the MS file), but when I go to the signature in outlook
the logo does not appear. What am I doing wrong?



Heidi, I am having the exact same problem as you are...I have tried every
possible angle to solve this problem, but nothing is working.

K. Orland, I am using HTML and still having the same problem - any


Thank you for the link...unfortunately, I have already tried that. I have
been able to get everything in the signature correct other than the logo (I
have tried including it in .jpeg, .bmp and .gif forms) which looks fine in
the signature creator, but displays only as a small red x in the body of the


Thank you! I will try that when I have a few more minutes : ) and let you
know how it goes...I'll keep you posted!

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