Outlook 2003 signature image and email attachment issue



I inserted our logo into the email signature and saved it. Went through the
advanced edit using Word. However, the logo only shows in the signature if
sending an email as rich text (not HTML or plain text).

At the same time I got the new email signature to properly function, the
attachment function starting acting up. Now, when creating an email message,
any attachments I add go into the body of the email instead of into the
Attachment field where they belong. The only solution I can find re:
attachments is that they will appear in the Attachment field only if the
email is written in HTML or plain text format (not rich text).

Does anyone know what is preventing me from having the email with both the
logo showing in the signature, and the attachments in the Attachment field?
Is there another way to insert the logo in Signature>Advanced Edit that will
allow me to write emails in HTML format?



For more 'advanced' signatures you could design it in an HTML-editor...

You search for the 'signatures'-folder in your 'documents and

You'll find 3 files with the same name and different extension (.txt, .rtf
and .html)

edit this html-file

add this code
<img src="ImageName.ext">

the image should be saved in the same directory as the signature file.

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