Blurred Pictures in Outlook Signature



I have inserted my logo into my Outlook (2003) signature. Having inserted it
as both a .jpg and .gif file it always appeared blurred especially once the
email has been sent. The original logo picture files are crystal clear.
Does anyone know why this might be and how I can get my logo to appear as
clear in my email signature as it does in the original files? Thanks.


I have had similar issues with logo clarity. I have found a .gif file is the
best for a graphic within an email signature. Did you create the graphic
file? If so, what DPI is it set to? I had to do a few tests to find the
best version for myself, but 72 dpi/ppi(which is pretty standard for web view
graphics/photos) is the best. From there you have to play with the scaling,
because 2 inches at 300dpi looks different than 2 inches at 72dpi (you might
already know this!).

Also, what GIF settings are you using? What is your screen resolution set
at? Have you looked at it when it is emailed to other computers, and does it
have the same issues? My boss is actually having this issue with our new
graphics in the email signatures, so I am interested to see what others say.
On her monitor they are fuzzy and pixelated, but when I view her signature on
my monitor they look fine.

Hope that's helpful!

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