Logitech Cordless Desktop MX for Bluetooth & SP2 (Logitech Bluetooth hub in particular)?



I want to go as completely bluetooth as possible (I am so sick of wires
everywhere :)), and am considering the Logitech Cordless Desktop MX for
Bluetooth for my Windows XP SP2 system.

Is there anyone out there that has this combination, and does it work?

What is really confusing about this product is that they seem to supply
their own bluetooth stack as part of their "Setpoint" software. I DO NOT
WANT to mess up the builtin bluetooth stack in SP2 by installing the
logitech stuff. I have a bluetooth dongle, and have it working with both my
Sony Ericsson phone and my iPaq for things like synchronization. I am hoping
to toss the dongle, and just use the Logitech Bluetooth hub.

So, if anyone has this logitech product, please post your impressions?

I am most interested in the following please:

- Does the included bluetooth hub work with SP2's builtin bluetooth stack?
Is it auto recognized by the MS bluetooth stack when you plug it in?
- Do I need to install anything from Logitech to get it working?
- If the hub doesnt work with SP2, will the keyboard & mouse work with other
Bluetooth dongles?
- I assume that I can use other bluetooth devices with the logitech hub
(assuming it works with SP2... :))?

I have filed these list of questions with Logitech support, but I have had
bad experiences with them in the past, so I dont hold out a whole lot of
hope they will give me *correct* answers :) Maybe they will surprise me
and make me a convert though...

Thanks so much in advance for any help,

ps I would consider instead buying the MS competing product, but I have read
it wont work at boot time (for configuring bios for instance), and it doesnt
have a rechargeable mouse.

Nathan McNulty

Since the BlueTooth format is standardized, they should all communicate
with each other in the same way no matter what dongle or device you are
using. Some devices support different services than others, but they
should all work. Here is a list of natively supported BT devices:

You can still use your current BT dongle with the new keyboard and mouse
if you want to. I am not sure what you mean by Logitech BlueTooth Hub.
Isn't is just another dongle? Anyways, I am using the Microsoft BT
Desktop with SP2 right now and it works great. Logitech is every bit as
good (some say better, but I think they are both great) as the Microsoft
products. You should have no problems, but if you are worried about it,
go to a store, but it, try it, and if it works either keep it or find a
lower price online and return it. If it doesn't work the way you want
it to, return it and try the MS BT Desktop ;)


Hi Nathan -

Thanks for the quick reply, it is appreciated.

I agree that "since the bluetooth format is standardized, they all should
'just work'". However, this has almost never been my experience when
talking about standards implemented by multiple vendors. :-( I did check
out the list you pointed me to and did not see Logitech listed.

What I am concerned about is that the logitech "hub" (I dont know what that
means either its Logitechs terminology, I am guessing it means a bluetooth
transceiver) wont be natively supported in SP2. If it isnt, that means I
have to install some kind of driver from logitech. And that is where my
nightmares will start I'm sure. :-(

I guess it comes down to whether the Logitech BT "hub" is natively supported
by SP2.

Does anyone know the answer to that question?

Thanks again,


Nathan McNulty

If the logitech BT "hub" is not on that list, it is not natively
supported and will require the Logitech drivers. This is not a bad
thing either. Most people prefer other stacks (especially the Widcomm
one) than the generic one included with Windows. You should be fine
either way. If your current BT Dongle is natively supported, you can
just use that and connect the keyboard/mouse to it instead and still
have all of the functionality assuming Logitech didn't do something
funky with their hardware.


The Logitech Bluetooth Hub is much better than the generic one that Windows
will provide, and is compatible with any Bluetooth device. It would be a
wise purchase.



blondie63 said:
Logitech Bluetooth Adapter it's better because recharge a mouse battery


It's not support from XP SP2 !!!

I've one and i'm searching a new product for sp2... sich sich

Shhhhhhh. Don't tell my Logitech DiNovo mouse and keyboard combination (MX900,
keyboard, and Media Pad--all Bluetooth).

If they hear you, they might stop operating while I am typing this mes.....


Hi Joe,
I am using Logitech MX bluetooth mouse, but as I install the Setpoint
software, it prompts me that my computer already had a bluetooth solution, so
it won't install their own bluetooth stack. In this situation, the bluetooth
hub would not be able to pair with any other bluetooth devices except the
Logitech mouse.
I am disppointed with it because I expect the bluetooth hub to pair with my
bluetooth cellular phone also.
In your situation, you can continue to use your bluetooth dongle, but you
may loose all the functons that come along with the Setpoint software.
Logitech recommands users to use his bluetooth stack exclusively, in order
to fully utilize the Setpoint functions. Users should be first unintall the
bluetooth stack in sp2 and install the bluetooth stack provided by Logitech.
I want to follow this recommandation, however, I do not know whether or not
my computer has already had bluetooth stack installed. I have searched
thoroughly and still not able to locate the preinstalled bluetooth stack!

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