Bluetooth radio issue


John Sockwell

5 days ago I had a working Bluetooth dongle for my Logitech keyboard. I
have since reformatted and reinstalled winXPsp2 and the sp2 Bluetooth stack
that once supported my device no longer does.

What are some recommended steps to take to trouble shoot this, can I force
windows to reinstall the stack?, enable the bthprops.cpl.

and speaking with the manufacturer is not an option, the Logitech support
team thinks Bluetooth has to do with not flossing enough.

Yves Leclerc

Call Logitech again and complain! They are the ones how made the keyboard
and if this is the support that they offer, speak with the Tech. Support

You may need to download the keyboard drivers since it seems that most
Bluetooth makers (other than Microsoft) do not use the MS Bluetooth drivers.

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