Locked Cursor



Hello, I have read the questions and suggestions regarding my cursor getting
locked on the screen and have tried several of the fixes..

I still am having problems with this and it is quite annoying.

I have disconnected my usb mouse, it is a optical mouse with a wheel..
I have pushed on the wheel as suggested and it did nothing.
I have checked and never have pushed F-8.

The problem starts when I open any document in Excel, as soon as I click
anywhere it locks the cursor and then to stop it I must ctrl alt del to get
out of it.

Anyone have any help?

My resources are good also..

Thanks in advance..




Please tell me if you figure this out - I just reinstalled my operating
system, all office applications and the necessary updates, and I'm STILL
having this same problem. It's driving me nuts! Will let you know also if I
find a solution.


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