Oversensitive touchpad on modern laptops

Sep 27, 2010
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Is anyone else experiencing the sensitivity problem that I'm having? I used to have an older Acer laptop where the left click button appeared to work as a physical switch. Now, I'm using two different Dell Inspiration laptops and occasionally my wife's Huawei laptop. All of these models have the one-piece touchpad with integrated left and right click 'buttons'. My problem is, even after reducing the sensitivity of all the touchpads to their lowest setting, if my left hand finger is hovering up to 2 inches away from the left click area, the majority of things/links/photographs/etc., that I draw the cursor over with my right hand finger, they open new tabs - without left clicking at all. Sites have opened, photographs have opened in a new tab, and more....... If my left hand finger is over 2 inches or so from the left click area of the touchpad, it isn't so bad, but the odd site link will still open. The worst cases happen on, for example, Facebook when I drag the cursor away from the notification button and accidentally cross the name of someone in the vertical list of my friends showing who are or not online, a message to that person opens for me to contact them! How is the touchpad picking up the sensitivity from a finger so far away from it? I spend most of my time closing unwanted open tabs and message boxes! The other problem I have is when I'm using the touchpad to move the cursor, after a while the cursor stops and no amount of rubbing my finger on the touchpad makes any difference. I have to lick my finger to get the cursor to move again. What's going on here then? I had none of this hassle on my old Acer laptop!

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