Cursor locks on cells and won't release as if in auto fill mode?



My cursor in excel locks on a cell and won't release itself. As I move the
mouse the cursor moves but holds the anchor cell and also covers the
adjoining cells as though its in an auto fill or copy mode. The only way I
can release the cursor and stop the autofill cell copy like mode is to shut
the program down with ctrl/alt/del. No other functions in the program work
when this is occuring (ie alt-f to try to save work etc).
I have run anti spyware and virus with no results each time this occurs.

Any information would be appreciated.

George Nicholson

Press F8 to toggle "EXT" mode off. (If you look in the Status Bar you should
see EXT appear when Excel behaves this way).

Nick Hodge

Probably your wheel on the mouse. Try hitting it a few times or un-install
and re-install drivers

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

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