Cursor cell selection "won't release"



This is happening within an open spreadsheet. Somehow I have accidentally
hit something or some combination of keys that makes the cursor "stuck" in
selection mode. I've tried escape, enter, and a variety of combinations like
control scroll and it just won't stop. I have had this happen before though
can't remember how we got it to stop. I will print out the answer if someone
is able to tell me the trick and it works. It is a very frustrating
situation because even if you contol-alt-delete and end the program, when you
restart Excel and open the spreadsheet, it is in the same status.

I appreciate all help. Thank you.

Niek Otten

It is not entirely clear to me what you mean with "cursor stuck", but try
function key F8

Dave Peterson

If you're using xl2007, try changing the zoom (bottom right corner).

Back to 100% (???).


It seems that a complete reboot has solved the situation. I've printed this
quick discussion though to try the F8 approach next time it happens. Thank
you both.

Tom Hutchins

Another possibility is that you accidentally activated StickyKeys mode, which
causes the effect you described. Pressing the Shift key 5 times within a few
seconds toggles StickyKeys on/off.

Hope this helps,

Sep 6, 2010
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Solution I got...

I had the same problem. I went to the list of solutions provided - none worked.

I realised that I had frozen my panes. I unfroze them and worked.

I suggest you do the same.

After it started to work I froze my panes and found the cursor to scroll freely....perhaps a bug....

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