Linking a copied chart to new data in Excel 2007



When I copy a sheet with data and a chart of that data to a new sheet, the
new chart still references the original data. Is there any way on Excel 2007
that I can copy a sheet with data and a chart of that data to a new sheet so
that the new chart references the new data, allowing me to change the new
data so that the new chart also changes, whilst the original chart stays the
same? This would save me having to recreate the same chart for different
sets of data.



Bernard Liengme

If you use Copy&Paste that is what happens
You need to copy the worksheet not the contents
I wil assume you want the new sheet in the same workbook (but the method
works with two workbooks). Hold down the CTRL button and drag the tab of the
worksheet to be copied passed the adjacent tab. You will have a new sheet
with a name like Sheet1 (2). This will be an exact replica of the source
workhsheet; charts will reference cell on theri own workhseet. You can rename
the sheet if you wish.
best wishes

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