Copy a group of Chart tabs


Mr Christopher

I have a group of chart tabs, 4 for each month, each tab contains multiple
charts (between 2 and 12 per tab). The series data in the charts comes from
one worksheet tab (in this case Sep09)

At the start of a new month I want to copy the group of 5 tabs and rename
them (eg Oct09), however when I do this most of the charts still refer back
to the Sep09 tab. I then have to go through all of the charts and manually
change the sheet reference in the series data ranges.

Is there a way to avoid all of this manual intervention?

I am using Excel 2007.

I am using Excel 2007.

Bernard Liengme

Do not copy and paste from cells/chart
Rather copy the entire worksheet by right clacking its tab and using
Copy/Move option in the popup menu
best wishes

Mr Christopher

I am copying a group of tabs, by holding the Ctrl Key and sellecting multiple

I may also have found a solution; I make a copy of the work book, overwrite
the data in Sep09 then rename the tabs Oct09 etc then move (not copy) to the
original workbook.

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