Copying Named Ranges in Chart Series



I have a workbook with a tab that has charts and data. Because the
number of data points can vary month to month, I have set up the chart
to reference named ranges. The named ranges are columns that vary in
length, defined by language like this:



The X and Y series use the named ranges. If I add or remove data the
chart range automatically changes accordingly. These named ranges have
a scope that is only within the sheet, not a workbook scope.

What I want to do is be able to copy the worksheet and duplicate it.
Each month I get new data, so I copy the worksheet and modify the new

What I find is that when I copy the sheet (in Excel 2007), the new
chart has replaced the named ranges with absolute cell references. But
the names on the sheet do copy over correctly.

How can I do this where the new chart retains the named ranges? I
don’t want to manually re-create the chart series each time (I have a
lot of charts).




Jon Peltier

Save the sheet as its own workbook. When you need a copy of it, open
this workbook, and MOVE the sheet into the workbook.

- Jon

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