Copy worksheet with dynamic chart?



Can a worksheet with a dynamic chart be copied in the same workbook,
and have the new worksheet chart still work referencing the cells in
the new worksheet?

I have worksheets setup with dynamic charts and formulas in the name
manager with worksheet scope. When the worksheets are copied the
charts disconnect from the formulas and use a set range reference.

To fix this problem, I have tried to put the worksheet name into the
name manager using a formula and indirect referencing but the name
manager wont accept it.



Jon Peltier

You have to use a round-about procedure. Save the workbook, move the sheet
to a new workbook, then close the original workbook without saving changes.
Reopen the original workbook, and move the sheet back into it. Now it's a
copy of the first sheet, but it links to itself, not to the first sheet.

- Jon

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