Chart Location Impact On Links When Copying To New Workbook



I have a sheet in Excel that contains all of my data. I also have several
charts based on thsi data. If the location for each of these sheets is "As
New Sheet" then if I copy the data sheet and chart sheets to a new workbook
then there are no links back to the original file (the chart source data
references the data sheet in the new file). However, if the chart location
for each of these charts is "As Object In" a worksheet, then when I select
the data sheet and the worksheet that has all of the embedded charts and copy
them to a new workbook, the charts create a file link because the source data
for the charts is still referencing the original file.

Basically if the chart is a separate stand alone sheet then copying the
chart and data sheet to a new workbook does not create file links. However,
if the chart is an object in a worksheet and I copy the data sheet and the
chart sheet to a new workbook then a file link is created because the
embedded chart still references the original file.

How can I copy a chart sheet that has multiple charts on it to a new
workbook without creating file links?



Shane Devenshire


I'm not sure you get a chance to do that during the copy command. However,
after you paste, one option is to break the links, in which case the chart is
static. Choose Edit, Links, Break Links.

Alternately you can make sure the sheet name in the new workbook is the same
as in the original and the choose Edit, Links, Change Source, find the saved
version of the file you are currently in, pick it...

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