Cannot change data source for copied charts



I think it is a bug in Excel 2007. Otherwise, if someone has a solution I'd
be happy to hear that ;-)

Here is the problem:
I got a table with lots of data. In order to extract the relevant
information I inserted a pivot table. Then I wanted to display the extracted
information within a chart. For that, I marked the pivot table and inserted a
3D block chart.
Now, I wanted to modify the pivot extraction a little bit and I'd like to
see the result of my modification inside the chart. As long as I do it in the
original pivot table everything works fine.
Now, the problem comes: I'd like to permanently keep both pivot extractions
inside the workbook. Therefore, I copied the sheet containing the pivot table
and the chart to a second sheet. Now, I have 3 sheets inde the workbook: the
original data sheet, the 1st pivot sheet and the copied pivot sheet.
At first I recognized that the chart in the copied pivot sheet always refers
to the data inside the 1st pivot sheet. The problem is now, when I try to
change the data source ("select data source" --> "chart data range") I see
that the input field is greyed out. So, I cannot change the data source of
the chart in the copied sheet.
The only possibility I found is to delete the chart in the copied sheet an
to create it completely new from scratch based on the pivot table of the
copied sheet.

Any ideas?

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Jon Peltier

You cannot change the data source of a pivot chart. It points to the
original pivot table, and that's that. But you can try to work around this

Save the sheet with the pivot table and chart as a new workbook with a
different name. Reopen the original workbook, then open the saved-as
workbook, and move the sheet into the original workbook. This gives you two
pivot tables, one each with its own chart. Repeat opening the saved-as
workbook and moving it into the main workbook as required.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Peltier Technical Services, Inc.
Advanced Excel Conference - June 17-18 2009 - Charting and Programming

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