Lexmark Z600 ONLY print test pages



Hi, well I have been looking in the web for some information but I can
not find
anything related.

I have this problem with a Z600 lexmark printer, an ink cartdrige was
replaced (with a new one) and just after that a Word document was tried
to print, nothing, the printer makes all the printing "process" (ie.
feed the paper move the printer ink head as when printing) but when
the pages come out they are totaly blank.

I first tought it was the cartdrige, but my surprise was when I tried
to print a head align page, and it came fine. Then I tried printing
something from the windows notepad, and nothing appeared.

After that I uninstalled - rebooted - installed again the printer, and
printed a test page, the test page printed, and after that tried to
print again the document and again the page just was blank.
Any Ideas??

Thank you.


go to start then printers and faxes make sure that your printer is the
default printer


Thank, yes I have searched for some information in the Lexmark KB pages
but I am afraid they only cover basic config, troubleshooting issues.
Any advice future would be highly appreciated.


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