Laptop in denial? USB 2.0 or 1?



On my laptop I have five USB ports. In device manager it reports:


3x VIA rev 5 or later USB universal host controller

1x VIA usb enhanced host controller.

-I know I've had success plugging one of my USB devices into a port
and it being recognised as USB2 ports. But if I use that port for some
of my other devices, or any ports for that matter, I often get the
message about, "this device will work faster on a USB2 port" (type

It's really irritating, because I have an external laptop HDD which I
hook into two usb ports for the power, but this is one of the affected
devices, so my transfer rate is much slower than it should be, and I
can't use it practically for quick backup of large amounts of data.

Similarly a year ago I was using a video capure hardware box and it
used to freeze the system up, at that time I wasn't looking out for a
USB2 warning message, but I suspect it might have been related.

Is my system confused as to what it has? I'm pretty sure all USB ports
should be 2.0 and stick at that! (if device supports it)

Thanks for your help!


Thanks, I will try out a different cable on the devices which aren't
being detected as USB2. (Although you'd think the cable which comes
with a USB2 device would at least be suitable!)

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