Am I running USB 2.0 or 1.1?



I have 10 USB entries in device manager with no devices connected ad 11 when
I plug in my USB memory card reader. I am using an HP Pavilion zv5000
notebook and trying to figure out if I have USB 2.0 functionality or not. I
have 3 external ports... Device manager shows 5 'root hubs', 2 'Standard
OpenHCD USB Host Controllers', 2 'NEC PCI th USB Open Host Controllers', and
one 'Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller'. I have received a
message saying that I need to plug my Sandisk multi-card reader into a
high-speed USB 2.0 so it will run faster- and I thought I was running high
speed all this time! Some advice to help me make sense of the hardware
profile (10 listings for 3 ports?!?!?!) would be great, thanks!

Andre DeLemarre

In your USB line /device manager,check if you have one with enhanced host
If the answer is yes you have a USB 2.0

Wesley Vogel

How to Check for High Speed USB (USB 2.0) Support.
The Keyword is Enhanced.

Open the Device Manager...
Start | Run | Type: devmgmt.msc | Click OK |
Click on [+] Universal Serial Bus controllers |

If your Device Manager shows an ENHANCED USB Host Controller, the system has
High Speed USB (USB 2.0) capability.

The key word is ENHANCED. If you have an ENHANCED USB Host Controller then
you have High Speed USB (USB 2.0)

All other types are USB v.1.1

How to Check for High Speed USB (USB 2.0) Support

The difference between v.1.0 and v.1.1 is explained here...

USB Hardware 1.0 vs 1.1 Host Controller Issue Explained

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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