KeyBoard set up in QWERTY at the end of boot instead of AZERTY


Jean Navarro


I have a T40 IBM Thinkpad with an azerty keyboard(French) loaded with XP
Professional - SP1 - English-US. Consequently I setup the "Regional &
Language option" to indicate I use a French keyboard, however when I boot,
and before I log for the first time after the boot the keyboard is still in
QWERTY despite the regional setting, once logged everyting is fine.

What need to be done so that the KeyBoard is set to azerty at boot
time(before user logging)

Thank You,

Jean Navarro

I got the answer from a colleague.

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
change the value from 00000409 to 0000040c.

Andrew Roberts


Open regedit and goto HKEY_USERS\.default\keyboard Layout\Preload.

In there will be the keyboard registry keys, you need to change 1 to
0000040c for French keyboard.


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