internet speed



Hello can anyone help me in fastening up my internet speed i had dialup on
through bigpond and it keeped on disconecting so i rang them up they took me
step by step to slow it down.Im now with west net ADSL broadband and was
wondering if anyone knew how to fasten it back up again....?

Kind Regards

Mike Hall - MS MVP Windows Shell/User

Any setting changes that Bigpond had you make re. your old dialup connection
will NOT apply to your present ISP or mode of connection..


it's likely your registry settings....
you can try these out
there is also a shareware called pc pitstop that analyzes your registry
settings. it will provide you the registry settings you have and what they
recommend. the program won't automatically make the changes for you unless
you buy it. and some of the recommendatins may not actually work. but it
can help you out. !! be sure to make a backup of the registry or ensure you
have created a manual recovery check point!! that way if you mess up the
registry, you can restore it. there is also lots of trials out there too,
like system mechanic, that can improve your internet connctions too. and it
will fix the other registry problems, make a registry backup, etc..... not
a bad program to buy if you don't have somethng like it already.

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