Installation of Printers



When you login to a terminal server, what printers will it install. I
notice that the terminal server will attempt to install the printer driver
that is connected directly to your local port (lpt1) but it doesn't install
any network printers on your local computer. So I tried to install a local
tcp/ip port for the network printer to see if the terminall server would
attempt to install that. It didn't work.

Is there anyway to get a terminal server to install a printer driver for a
printer that is networked to your workstation??



Jeremy Jevtic


If its a network printer why not just install the printer
right on the Terminal Server?


because the client will be at a temporary remote location (which is behind a
firewall that I don't control). My vpn client won't even work behind this
firewall or I could do it that way.



It seems to work sometimes for some network printers with remote desktop. I
am going to keep trying different things.


I have an answer to my question for those that are experiencing the same

Use Remote Desktop client instead of the terminal server client.
Install the updated printer driver on your terminal server.
That fixed the problem because it would install the printer that was
installed locally on the client but for some reason the exact same printer
on the network would not install because the terminal server said it could
not find the appropriate driver.

Eugene Wilson

Documentation I've seen says TS will not recognize network
installed printers on the client. But documentation also
suggests that TS client will be able to access printers
that are installed on the TS server. I'm working on this
issue now. M

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