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Ñуббота, 20 Ð°Ð¿Ñ€ÐµÐ»Ñ 2013 г., 22:16:45 UTC+3 пользователь jackson напиÑал:
Harsimrat wrote on 06/25/2009 05:57 ET :

I received the error:

Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000704). The specified port is


Installing my multifunction printer/scanner/fax. Specifically Brother


My OS is Windows 7, x64. I'm installing it as a network printer on the IP


I received this error during installation, twice. I allowed the installation to

continue. After re-boot, I noticed my virtual fax printer was not there.

Everything else seemed to work fine.

I went to "Devices and Printers" and clicked "Add Printer".

I allowed the default LPT1, then I selected "Windows Update" to get

the latest goodies from MS.

I found the Fax printer for Brother PC-FAX v.2.1, and added it.

After that, I chose any printer and selected Printer Properties, then the tab


I clicked "Add Port", I selected standard TCPIP, and following thru, I

entered my port as:

I opened the port for my Brother PC-FAX.v.2.1 and assigned it to IP the port I

just added.

I could not find a solution anywhere for this and the only suggestions made


re-install the OS. For a stable system other than this, I did not want to to do

that and then re-install several thousand programs.

During my research, I found MS making reference to a good print driver,

PRINTER.DLL. That caused me to search for a driver and when I didn't find it

anywhere on my system, I went and got one stumbling across one availablefrom

the Windows Update when I added my new printer.

I planned to place that PRINTER.DLL file into the folder recommended my MS, but

I found I didn't need to go that far. All I had to do was allow MS to offer up

the printer I needed (after allowing the full printer install package to

complete with the errors) and then assigning it to the TCPIP port found in my


If you have a similar 0x00000704 error, you may find this solution to apply to


After months, my MFC-440CN works as advertized (as it had before I changed my

registry) to default my "Program Files x(86)" and "Program

Files" to default to drive "D".

I don't know that my change to the registry had anything to do with thiserror,

but I believe the key is finding a good driver from the Windows Update (by

adding a printer) and finding a good driver to download, followed by assigning

it the IP the printer has.

I REALLY hope this helps someone avoid re-installing their OS. This was one


puppy for me to fix.

I would like to know if this helped you and if my post was worth while.

Thanks man. I had the same problem, and now it is solved)

Andrew, - IT stuff

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