Inconvenient time for scanning



I have a laptop computer I normally take home in the evenings, as most
developers from my company do. When I return in the morning and start my
computer, Defender starts a scan, usually at a most inconvenient time. My
computer slows way down because of the scan and it interferes with other work
I need to do. If I leave my computer at work overnight, there is no problem
because the scan is performed at 2AM.

When I have my computer at home, I am usually offline for work and there is
no chance that I could have picked up a virus during that time, yet Defender
insists on scanning anyway. Is there some way to make Defender smarter
regarding when to start scans?


Bill Sanderson MVP

I would strongly recommend making the scheduled scan a quickscan, which will
be far less resource intensive. You may want to try a less frequent scan
schedule as well. I don't have confirmation yet, but the new build
available at the download center may not nag after 3 days anymore.

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