imported OE messages into Windows Mail



When I used the import feature on Windows Mail, all the OE messages were
automatically put in a folder in Windows Mail that apparently was created by
the import process, called Imported Messages.

I had about 100 folders set up in my old OE inbox, and now they were all in
this Imported Messages folder. I wanted to then transfer them from the
Imported Messages folder into the Inbox, but I could not select more than one
folder at a time, so I had to individually move all 100 of them.

Is there an easier way I could have done this whole process?




I would have done it outside of Windows Mail, using Windows Explorer. On my
computer, that would have meant going to where all of Mail's messages are
stored, at: C:\Users\Vista\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail. In your
case, you'd then mark the folder "Imported Folders" in the left column
showing the folder view, thereby showing all your 100 folders in the right
column. You could have then either marked numerous individual folders for
dragging and dropping to wherever you wanted them by holding down the
Control key, or a range of folders by holding down the Shift key.


Actually, I did start to do it that way. But I noticed some odd behaviour
when I did that. When I cut a folder from Imported Messages and pasted it in
the Inbox, I'd then see two copies of the folder in the Inbox (when viewed in
Explorer) ie WorkItems & WorkItems1. Also it seemed like even though I cut
the folder, it still remained in its original location. I was in a hurry (I
was at a friend's house) so I did not investigate further. May I'll look
into it again when on my own computer.

Gary VanderMolen

Using Windows Explorer to move email doesn't work because
it's not updating Windows Mail's internal database pointers.

Gary VanderMolen


OK thanks. I suspected that was the case, that's why I did not use Explorer,
instead did it manually from within Windows Mail.
So I'm back to my original question again. Is there a way I could have
moved all 100 folders to the Inbox at once - I was only able to move them one
folder at a time?



Thanks for those links. That is the procedure I followed. But in moving the
sub-folders from the Imported folders location was the problem. It would
only let me move them one at a time.

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