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sorry this is an IE7 question but could not find a board for it.

I had IE6 for the longest time and liked it, I recently the last year got to
use IE7, and like that too and got to use it. IE6 was getting slower as my
computer got outdated and got mor on the hard drive, so I downloaded IE8,
thinking it was the same as 7, but I decided to use IE7, so installed that,
and I like it but just that my most recent favorites do not show, and I have
to scroll through them all to find the web page I want. Is there a way to
turn this on in IE7. It worked fine in IE6 and IE8, and even IE7 at my work
computer but been a month now, and wont show on the home computer. Windows
XP SP2, ha it when I click the start key, most recent programs only show then
I click the little arrow to expand the menu. I would love this for the

Any help is greatly appreacited



also, when I open tools/internet options/advanced, I figured it is in here.

The "?" at the top used to tell me what every line meant if I dragged the
"?" to the correct line I wanted to check/uncheck, it would tell me what that

Now a internet exploere search pop up box in windows opos up, and I can't
find anything on the topics that are listed thee.

Can I remove this and put the help the way it used to be ?

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