IE browser won't work now that I have Wal-Mart Connect




I recently replaced my AOL service with Wal-Mart Connect.
Now, when I try to open "regular old" I.E. 6 (because I
hate using the clunky interface from Wal-Mart), I get
the "This page can not be displayed" error screen. I
never had this problem with AOL or Earthlink before that.
I have tried loading various different pages, but it
still never connects. Has anybody encountered this

In fact, I also can no longer connect to the CDDB thruogh
my musicmatch jukebox prgram. BUT IM still works, as does
my ftp application.



in ie tools,options,connections, and see if there is the
right setting's for connecting to your isp..... or maybe
ao hell took the nessessary bits when you kicked it out.
try reinstalling ie from the add/remove prgrams.
and try a different browser like firefox from . much more secure and extras too.

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