IE 6.0 doesn't work unless signed on to aol



First off I know I know..... AOL hell...... but that doesn't correct my
problem. I posted this to their help boards and thought I would come
here as well. So I copied what I posted and I hope someone seens
something here for me. And thank you in advance............

I am not kidding, as you know I have had this beef in the last few days
that my Internet Explorer will not work half the time....... I just
nailed it.

Okay background. I have win xp sp2. I installed and removed
openride.....when asked about shared files I told the damn thing to not
remove them, to keep them..... since I have been having problems and was
first to think that is was aol SE. I have version IE 6.0.2900.2180 sp2.
This is what I did this morning. Oh and I have a DSL broadband
connection.... do not access aol with any modem and am free, (I don't
relate this problem to being free)........ I went to my mail for my
broadband account and while reading that tried loading up firefox which
has a feature to use a program that makes certain pages which are
restricted to Mircrosoft to work. It's called an IE TAb add on..... I
could not access my msn board........ So I clicked on a regular link,
yep my firefox browser works just fine, can't get to the msn board.....
so I loaded up OPENRIDE........ Yep...... it went to my msn page...... It
went to windows update page........ so I clicked on my icon that loads up
Internet explorer and goes right to the Microsoft update page.
NOPE........ try another link in IE....... nope...... the browser itself
is dead in the water (which kills my ie tab ad on since it's based on
that)........nothing works on IE, I cannot even load up internet options
from the ie browser, have to get there via control panel.......... So
here is where I start my experiment.... IE doesn't work....... openride
does....... okay so I close that puppy down.

I sign onto aol, still have IE sitting here dead.......... once signed on
to aol, I click the reload button...... well guess what, IE now works,
microsoft update pages starts to load...... I do the same with the page
in my firefox browser...... wow everything is working if you are signed
on to aol. So I sign off of aol.......... hit the reload button......
everything is dead once again, both browsers.......... sign on to
aol........ click reload, there is it........ I did this five times, so
there is no doubt in my mind that aol has somehow changed something in my
internet explorer settings or something that I cannot access anything
unless I have aol loaded up. Now who would like to explain/help, have a
clue, figure this one out......... Can I get and install IE over what I
have ( I do not want IE 7 at this time)....... I do not to wipe my
system clean and start from fresh, I just did this months ago and won't
go there at this time, although pissed off enough so who knows.....
There has to be some setting somewhere that IE thinks I am not signed
onto the net somehow......... Please someone have an answer...... and odd
that open ride works.....without being on aol...... of course, it's
aol's......... so there is my delima.... hope someone knows
something..... This is ridiculous..... I also see that of late the new
format is not loading up, try again later and it's not me, it's all over
the place.

I also wanted to take this a little further...... I tried the above
using aol 9.0 SE...... My IE will not work. It's dead in the water as
well.... I loaded up my aol 80,,,,, my ie will work if I am signed on
into that one....... so 8.0 and 9.0 optomized seem to be my little
miracle workers although having to depend upon being signed on to them to
have internet explorer work is total BS..

Then I started to noticed something else and so wrote it down. When it
won't load up and I get an error I get this message
Says cannot find server or dns error. Also when I cannot connect in the
lower bottom of the browser and I don't know for the life of me what it's
called, but it tells you what page you are on or where you want to go, I
see this........ Connecting to site looks
like an ftp thing to me............. I get that when I cannot get ie to
work, or through my broadband without aol loaded up......... When I am
signed on to aol and click the same thing (this is microsofts windows
update page by the way) I get this instead Opening page at
Http://www. blah blah whatever the page is, goes to fast and then it
gets there and says DONE..............

So I am hoping someone sees something here....that is all the info I can
provide..... there has to be a fix somewhere..... I don't want to go the
repair IE route, to involved, to do that may as well wipe this computer
clean and start fresh......... makes me wonder what would happen if I
did indeed install IE 7 but right now I don't need more problems than I
already have....

Maybe I will have to take this to the microsoft newsgroups and see if
they have an answer........ guess I should copy this so I don't need to
type the whole thing out again if I do go there.

Ken Martin

I had a similar problem. Maybe with my experiences you can make sense of

First I have a slow dialup so all of my troubleshooting steps took loads of
time and little sleep. I'm talking weeks of like 3 hours sleep a night.

My problem started with installing AOL's OpenRide. I had problems which
caused the AOL System Information to crash when I clicked it. At Aol's
instructions I uninstalled OpenRide and tried AOL 9.0SE. It wouldn't
connect. I got a server or DNS error. This went on for weeks and many
hours with the AOL Techs going over the same things again and again.

I did all the usuals like SFC /Sannow, XP Repair, chkdsk /f, defrag, eic.

I finally installed System Mechanic Professional 6 and ran it's tests which
didn't find anything significant; although I could now connect and I now had
browser access. It seemed to have something to do with the Firewall that
came with System Mechanic. I uninstalled the firewall and could no longer
browse. I reinstalled the firewall and could browse again.

There is another problem associated with all this. The computer seems to
lock up for 5 minutes or so every time I connect to the internet although I
can use AOL's email during that time. Nothing else responds though. I.E. I
can click on task manager and it won't show up for about 5 minutes the it,
and other things I may have clicked on, snap up on the screen. All during
this time I can be reading AOL email.

Next chapter. I installed Windows "critical update" IE7 today. Now I can't
get any pictures in my AOL email or access any weblinks listed in my email.

I'm really getting tired of this.


Ronnie Vernon MVP

Just a couple of comments.

You need to dump AOL and get a decent ISP that does not completely take over every aspect of the computer.

Second, IE7 is NOT a CRITICAL update. It's listed as high priority. You can uninstall IE7, if the problems continue, in Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs. This will uninstall IE7 and replace it with the previous IE6 browser.


Ronnie Vernon
Microsoft MVP
Windows Shell/User

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