explorer shows blank window that doesnt load. when i click on cert



Im having a problem with my explorer. somebody plz help :)
well i fixed one problem. the first problem i had was. I was trying to log
on to my LJ and i always had the AOL wallet pop up but this time when it
wanted to pop up i got a blank window that didn't load i didn't know what to
do. i went to my task manager and I ended the explorer.exe process when i did
that the blank screen loaded and i got the AOL wallet :) so I went to
settings on the AOL wallet and told it i never wanted to use it so it wouldnt
pop up. So i tried to sign on to LJ again and waa laa it was fixed i could
sign on with no problem and i didn't get a blank screen.

But now i was looking for a flight and i clicked on the lil calander they
have on the webpage to choose a date for my departure and i got that blank
screen again that didn't load. The same thing happens when i click on my AOL
radio icon. I did the same thing again i went to my task manager and ended
explorer.exe and when i
did that the blank screen started loading. the only this is when i end
explorer.exe all my icons on my desktop dissapear and my task bar dissapears
also. but i can surf with no problem no blank screens what so ever. but when
i open explorer.exe again i start to get the blank screen.

I'm running windows xp pro, intel celeron, aol 8.0, explorer 6
coffe cup blocker---> working fine
Norton antivirus 2005---> working fine
spybot-search&destroy---> having problems finishing scan ever since i
installed Kazaa

I think kazaa might have something to do with it i uninstalled it and i had
files left over still that i had to manually uninstall well after i installed
kazaa i started having this problem with my explorer. so i installed kazaa
again to see if it would fix the problem but NO luck its still acting up :(

plz help me. i want to fix this problem

thanks for taking time to read this .

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