IE 6 won't access websites via AOL



Have the latest IE 6 SP 1, AOL 8.0 on Windows 98SE, which
exceed the mininums for IE, WIN 98 and AOL 8 and 9.0.
However since last week, can't get to a website via AOL 4,
7, 8, or 9.0 Email on AOL ok. AOL techs don't have an
answer, they and I have done everything to both IE and AOL.

After reading this message board appears many problems
with IE 6. Tried going back to IE 5, but it won't let me
unload/remove IE 6 (?). But you need IE 6.0 for AOL 8.0.
Everything working ok until last Thursday, 2/12/04, when
AOL suggested downloading AD-Aware, did, removed some
sites then the problems with webpage access began. Removed
Ad-Aware, several other programs, disabled McAfee 5,
Norton Firewall 2002, etc. Nothing seems to help.
Can access AOL, E-mail and websites from my other PC
running XP, AOL 9.0, Norton Utilities including same
Firewall and IE 6 SP 1. No problems with the PC. Can't
even load AOL 9.0 on to the "sick" PC. AOL thinks it is a
IE issue. Utilities and modems can't find anything wrong,
virus scan can't find anything, MYdoom,etc tool, finds
nothing either.

Where is a IE Tech when you need them? With AOL you have
to wait 10 minutes to get someone in the Middle East who
won't even stay on the line long enough to finish
the "guaranteed" fix.

Linux any good? What about MSN or Earthlink? They better
than AOL? Need some help or my wife will need a new PC,
that's expensive for sure.


Go Heels!


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