ICS settings dialogs locking up



I recently change my laptop into an Apache server, initially for test
purposes but now I wan't it to be accessible via the internet. The laptop is
an ICS client and we have an ICS host connected to the internet. The laptop
therefore can't be found from outside the network.
I tried port forwarding with an .inf file but it didn't seem to help. So I
wanted to change the services in the ICS settings dialog, but it wouldn't go
any further then "please wait...". I waited for about 2 hours just to be sure
it wasn't our slow PC, but still no luck. I tried to disable Sharing and the
dialog box would lock up also...
Everytime I try to change settings concerning ICS it locks. Even when
accessing the dialog from the client (Residential Gateway Device)

My questions are thus:
- How can I fix the freezes when changing ICS settings?
- Or else: How can I reset ICS?
- Is it possible to run a Server behind an ICS host?
- If not, can anyone give me an alternative for ICS which does make it
but most of all, I want the freezing to be fixed...

Thanks in advance,




I hope someone has an answer for me...

I was thinking and I realized I didn't gave much information...

The Host computer has Windows XP SP2, client has Windows Vista Home Premium
When I try to open the settings on the Host, it hangs and SVCHOST.EXE
consumes alot of CPU time (and about 25MB of memory if my memory serves me

When I end the process SVCHOST.EXE, it stops loading the settings dialog.
But the Host stops sharing the connection also...
I can disable the windows firewall, but re-enabling it doesn't work. Because
ICS is turned of. I believ it then asks if I wan't to start it (I'm not sure)
but when I click OK, it doesn't work

When I try to open the ICS settings dialog again and I close EXPLORER.EXE
and restart it, the dialog stopped loading also...

So I think Explorer is making a request to SvcHost and it then locks up in
Which process is causing it to hang, I don't know.

Hope this helps a little

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