Windows ICS, 2nd PC causing it to disconnect



I suffer from a rather random issue lately connecting a 2nd PC to my network.

Usual setup was my PC here with an ADSL connection over USB Modem (Alcatel
Speedtouch USB), with Windows XP Professional SP2. IP Address assigned from
the ICS Configuration is (Lets call this PC ICS-Host)
On the same box is a virtual machine running Debian on demand, for certain
developmental jobs. Static IP here, using as gateway. Reason for
the static IP is a series of Port forwardings done to that box, along with a
few entries in the ICS-Hosts "hosts"-file.
The ICS-Host has its ADSL-Connection shared by ICS over a network bridge
that connects the virtual host adapter from the Debian system to my real
on-board NIC for network use.
This works all fine.

Occasionally, I used to connect my Laptop (Windows XP Professional SP2 too)
over that real NIC to get some stuff over, and update my Antivirus. It
immediately gets an IP assigned via DHCP and is able to get on the internet
without further configuration. After leaving school I didnt really use my
laptop that frequently, but yet it worked. None of the systems were
reinstalled lately.

Now the problem begins to arise as I connected a second PC from upstairs
using that real NIC, and inbetween a dLan solution from Netgear (Ethernet
over Power-Line). That second PC was brand new, and a fresh install of
Windows XP Professional SP2. Used a static IP there too, along with another
entry in the "hosts" file for convinience.

For some reason, everytime this PC tries to access the internet, on a
seemingly (rand()*5%5) base the ICS-Host loses its Internet-connection, and
has to re-dial. Every few attempts it works fine, and then it breaks the
ICS-Host again.
Next random thing is the application. Once caused by an Antivirus update,
next time by using the ICQ client, and then by starting a browser and trying
to view a page.
I couldnt really find a good explaination for that yet, as it seems to be
completely random, but every time caused by internet access over the
ICS-Host. I checked the Internet settings for that host, and couldnt find any
option checked that may cause it to send a "dial in please" request to the
ICS-Host, neither is "Allow other hosts on the network to control Interface"
checked. (Hence for that reason, it wont show up as "Internet Gateway" in the
upstairs PC I guess).

Any idea how that problem could be cured?

Greetings and thanks in advance,





Am I the first to have this problem?
Its getting more and more annoying each day, as one day it appears more
often, and on the other day it doesnt disconnect even once even tho the 2nd
PC is constantly on and online.

I usually never do double posts, but I'd like this case to be resolved asap.

Greetings, BhaaL

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